The COVID-19 pandemic has led to economic conditions unlike anything we’ve ever seen. As a result, philanthropic organizations are suffering in unimaginable ways and fundraising feels nearly impossible. Despite the overwhelming reports of financial troubles, your organization does not have to take on a bleak outlook. In fact, there are some organizations seeing a rise in donations and donor involvement in fundraising efforts during the pandemic. In this video, we discuss several ways for philanthropic organizations to move forward during this crisis. You’ll learn how to maintain donor relationships, fundraise, complete a capital campaign or even begin a feasibility study. In addition to giving you tips for achieving these goals, we will also tell you what you should avoid doing as you work to strengthen your campaigning efforts during the pandemic.

For many companies, navigating a financial crisis is nothing new. That’s why this video includes a look at how understanding the past can help inform future decisions for your organization. When examining economic depressions throughout history, we found there is a lot to be learned about how philanthropic organizations can maintain during challenging times, and we show you how that information can be used as a roadmap for future success. An example used in this seminar looks at an analysis of financial reports from an organization that survived one of the toughest financial crises in U.S. history. From this report, you will see how the recession played a role in individual giving and how that number eventually rebounded to surpass previous records.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has also dramatically changed how you engage donors. For some organizations, that change has led to a decline in participation and outreach. But no matter the financial landscape, one thing remains true, if your mission hasn’t stopped, neither should your fundraising. Learn how to make the most of this moment and find your way to the other side of any financial setback.

Dave Sternberg, CFRM and Adam Clevenger, CFRE with Loring, Sternberg, and Associates will walk you through everything your organization needs to be successful in each phase of campaigning, from pre-planning and feasibility study, to campaign launch and conclusion.

Targeted Audiences:
SFD: Seasoned Financial Development Staff
EX: Executive Directors, CEOs, COOs
BD: Board Members
FV: Fundraising Volunteers
SMY: Small and Mid-Size YMCAs