For years, organizations and foundations have helped pull families and entire communities out of some of their toughest times. But what happens when a pandemic hits and the lifeline for the community finds itself in need? That’s exactly what happened when COVID-19 surged across the country. While some businesses and organizations found ways to pivot quickly, it is not that simple for others. One of the largest areas of change during the pandemic is fundraising. With so much of the world in need, many philanthropic organizations have found themselves in a tough space; trying to serve the people they depend on for sustainment. In this video, Kelly Shrock, CFRE, President of the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, shares how their grant-making focus has shifted amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She will highlight ways that businesses and philanthropic organizations can look beyond emergency funding to relief and resiliency.

Kelly will also touch on the importance and benefits of streamlining communications with your donors. It is essential that people understand exactly what your organization needs and how they can be a part of that action plan. While much of the world is in need, there are still people who want to help. This video will talk about ways to make sure old and new donors can be of assistance to you. With that said, it is also critical to be able to communicate your needs effectively and efficiently when it comes to grant requests. Kelly talks about the influx of organizations applying for financial assistance and how to make sure your request is not overlooked due to errors or submissions that are laborious for those reviewing applications.

The work of philanthropic organizations is essential and watching this video will help you take the necessary steps to make sure that important work continues important.