Presented by Adam Clevenger, Loring, Sternberg & Associates

Have you ever heard the expression, “A fish rots from the head first”? It’s an old proverb but the meaning is timeless. The lesson is about leadership and how a weakness at the top can lead to the demise for your organization. In this session, this “over-the-fish-counter” advice is broken down into five lessons that will help you in the development or redevelopment of the board at your Y. It is important for the board of directors for any organization, but especially a philanthropic organization, to be thoughtful, intentional, and rooted in the mission, vision and direction of the organization it serves. This symposium explores how to make sure your leadership is rooted in those elements.

This session also tackles one of the most critical areas of concern for most philanthropic organizations, which is fundraising. More often than not, that topic usually leads to the question, “How do I get my board to fundraise?” It is important to understand that the answer to that question is also rooted in the foundation of your board development; putting together the right board of directors goes beyond the selection process. While a solid foundation is important, you must also select members who understand they are the link between your Y and the community. This session will give you the skills needed to ensure your board’s involvement in Y philanthropy and examine ways for your staff to create advocates and intentional fundraisers for your cause.

On top of engaging your board of directors in effective fundraising, it’s also necessary to develop a culture that facilitates growth. This includes keeping board members stimulated, encouraging your board to be hands-on, continuing board development opportunities and not shying away from social events. How do you accomplish all of this? You can start by clicking play on this session. It’s the first step in reeling in the perfect fish.